Study shows professional development belongs in the clinic

Study shows professional development belongs in the clinic

First published on HealthTimes – November 10th, 2017


The national Australian Physiotherapy Association conference was held in Sydney on 19-21 October, and we had the opportunity to catch up with Christine Frith, Senior Clinician Physiotherapy and Lead Clinical Educator, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne on her presentation for improvements clinician-educators can make to the design of learner-centred development programs.

Christine makes a case for moving professional development from the lecture theatre to the clinical floor using the community of educators who enjoy teaching to provide support for those learners who require it.

‘Clinician-educators are responsible for facilitating the learning experiences of students. Their beliefs of their role as an educator and how much they ‘value’ good clinical teaching informs their approach to the teaching role,’ Christine said.

By carrying out research on educators’ beliefs surrounding teaching and education, as well as evaluating the impact of the educators’ previous experiences on their own teaching the researchers were able to identify barriers and enablers in the development of the clinician as an educator…