An open letter to Tony Abbott

An open letter to Tony Abbott

First published on – December 3rd, 2014

Photo by Karsten Würth on Unsplash



ony Abbott has no friends. He couldn’t get his education reforms passed. He slashed the ABC and SBS and last week one in five CSIRO employees was told they were losing their job.

Seriously Mr Abbott, what are you doing? Because I’m really not sure you have a plan here. Or maybe you are being given the wrong information. Or maybe you just don’t understand.

Everyone is angry at you and your friends at the moment (and rightly so) because you shocked everyone and actually delivered on your promise (which was to go against your original promise) to rip apart the ABC and SBS. Your reasoning was, “it’s my duty not to load up our future generations with debt.”

I’m here to speak up for that other national treasure that didn’t get the media coverage, because they are already struggling to survive. Last week one in five CSIRO employees was told they were losing their job. Since you decided you wanted to rescue our budget, our country’s biggest centre for scientific research and development has been cut by 20%. Well what good is that Mr Abbott?

The CSIRO has produced some great stuff for Australia. Here, let me get you started on a few. The black box flight recorder; hybrid vehicles; polymer bank notes. I know you like money. I’m sure you’ve put on a bit of Aerogard in summer? How are those reading glasses holding up? Would you like to try some contact lenses? Thank you CSIRO…