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The value of Emotional Intelligence in a nursing career

First published on HealthTimes – March 21st, 2018



n the United Kingdom, the 2013 Francis report ruled that poor care was endemic in the region of Mid Staffordshire, and suggested the recruitment of student nurses should be based on those possessing “values, attitudes and behaviours appropriate for the profession”. As a result, Health Education England developed a values-based student recruitment program, and Scotland researched recruitment approaches too.

If you can understand why someone might feel a certain way, then you are on your way to emotional intelligence (EI). There are a number of tests available for measuring EI – so should we be using these as part of the application process?

Emotional Intelligence is generally defined as the ability to monitor and evaluate emotions in one’s self and others and to act appropriately in response. Some psychology and management thinkers use terms like social intelligence or people skills and describe how some people can be naturally emotionally intelligent, yet all have the ability to learn it. Much of the academic literature on the topic is in consensus that people can improve their EI capability.