Why doctors use WhatsApp to share patient data

Why doctors use WhatsApp to share patient data

First published on STOCKHEAD – August 23rd, 2017



octors are using personal messaging apps like WhatsApp to share patient information in some Australian hospitals because communications technology is so out of date.

While many hospitals use computers for patient data, communications technology has often lagged behind, forcing doctors and technicians to transfer patient information on their personal phones rather than by fax or hand.

Hospitals have instead focused their technological efforts on reducing paperwork or introducing online medication ordering.

Unfortunately this has led to a mess of information management.

Healthcare software maker Alcidion (ASX:ALC) is trying to fix the problem with its ‘Miya’ electronic medical record (EMR) software for emergency departments, inpatient and outpatient services.

“Miya gathers data from health IT systems, makes it consistent (this is harder than it sounds) and runs algorithms to detect risk, predict problems before they occur and monitor patient care,” says Alcidion Chief Medical Officer Malcolm Pradhan…