I am an open book – how I work

If we’re going to work together, we should know each other a little better. I want to be honest about how and why I work the way I do.

Don’t worry – I’m not going to go full inspirational on you.

I’m just into honesty, rather than deception.

In a past life I worked in advertising agencies and publishing houses where success was measured in dollar signs. Each year the benchmarks would move higher and higher, without reflection on the bigger impact of our work.

Even though I was working on interesting projects from public health awareness to social change campaigns, it felt so empty. I felt exactly the same trying to get women to check their breasts as I did trying to sell yoghurt.

That’s why I moved into freelancing. I had to build a career based on my values; using my skills to understand how they can take action to access care, help loved ones, or prevent future problems. My interest in medicine carried over into science and technology.

Having spent time in hospital wards, specialist clinics and government services offices, I know that there’s more to patient satisfaction than rebates (though value for money is important). I know accessibility means physical access and the ability to understand the information being presented. And that patients don’t just rely on clinicians in their health care experiences; business providers, product designers and the media all play a role too.

Sometimes I will choose to take action on a health issue by drawing attention to it in my journalism work. Other times, I will choose to work with a company in improving their services. In both instances, I am transparent in all my work. I declare interests, and I do not take on private work that conflicts with my public writing interests. I have occasionally turned down jobs because of a perceived conflict of interest.

I am here to positively impact the Australian healthcare market. I hope you are too – and if so, let’s team up.

Photo by LEAH KELLEY on Pexels

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