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I am an open book – how I work

If we’re going to work together, we should know each other a little better. I want to be honest about how and why I work the way I do. Don’t worry – I’m not going to go full inspirational on you. I’m just into honesty, rather than deception. In a past life I worked in […]

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Best Articles of 2017

I love a good long-form article that teases apart not only the multiple factors that contribute to an issue – which is why The Atlantic is one of my favourite sources for a good read (along with Wired, The Economist, Mother Jones, Meanjin). Of course, I don’t have to agree with an article to enjoy […]

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Finding the perfect job when you’re not perfect

Women hunting for part time work to fit around the family schedule know the feeling all too well: there is no job out there that suits me. The oh-so-rare job ad that pops up in our field never quite describes the perfect fit, with a commute that’s just a little too far or skills that […]

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Journalists Are Not Your Friends

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” – George Orwell   I was in a group of journalists when someone asked us what we thought of this statement. Someone jumped in to talk about sharing people’s stories and how print is dead. Absolutely, journalism is about sharing […]

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