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am pretty switched on when it comes to the Australian healthcare system. I’ve worked with government departments, hospitals, research facilities, specialist practitioners and health tech startups.

I know my way around TGA advertising guidelines, industry regulations and I’ve got the medical lingo down pat. I’ve worked hard on developing my ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple way, whether it’s for patient instruction, educational purposes or to attract the investment capital you need.

My career has spanned content creation, project management and client management for advertising agencies and publishers. I’ve been working as a freelance journalist since 2013, and started my own copywriting business in 2015.

I’ve written health and medical content for B2B and consumer audiences as the digital editor of Australian Pharmacist, the biotech columnist at Stockhead, staff writer at HealthTimes and The Limbic, and editor of Hospital and Healthcare. I have also written for Australian and US client content programs. I live with my husband, son, and cat in Brisbane.

Having spent time in hospital wards, specialist clinics and government services offices, I know there’s more to patient satisfaction than rebates (though value for money is important). I know accessibility means physical access and the ability to understand the information being presented. And I know that patients don’t just rely on clinicians in their health care experiences: business providers, product designers and the media all play a role too.

I am here to positively impact the Australian healthcare market. I hope you are too – and if so, let’s team up.