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    Sharon writes freelance articles as a health, science and technology specialist.

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I work within the healthcare industry, having held positions as the current biotech column Vital Signs at Stockhead, staff writer at HealthTimes, and past editor of Australian Hospital and Healthcare Bulletin. I have also been published in The Guardian, PC Mag, Hyper, Women’s Agenda and across the Fairfax lifestyle suite, as well as in literary journals. I live with my husband, son, and cat in Brisbane.

I am honest about my business values, which I have written about on my blog.

I have written on topics such as trade agreements, international genetics patenting, science funding structures and the future of healthcare technologies. One of my favourite areas is technology law because of the range (biotechnology patents, intellectual property and copyright, the ethics of privacy). I am also quite interested in the crossover of technology-aided healthcare (from bionic eyes to X-Boxes used in dementia care). I love the opportunity to look into patients’ rights and grassroots activism.

Examining the social and cultural determinants of health is integral to my work. A person’s gender, disability, race, income and employment status, education, early development, access to services and housing cannot be separated from their health outcomes.

In my research work at Griffith University I am looking at the process of the Australian media in examining and communicating scientific concepts to the general public.